Thursday, 27 July 2006

Learning happens best when ...

A few selections from the web:

Learning happens best when driven by self-interest, when it's self-initiated, and when it's allowed to happen wherever and whenever the interest strikes. [Life-based learning]

Learning happens best when the learners interact both with the information and with others. They discuss their understanding and communicate that understanding with others in their online learning community. There is a more effective understanding of the content and they are more likely to be able to apply it to different situations. [e-Learning Communities and Cultures]

Learning happens best in context, that is, when there's a real need to know.... Learning happens best when caring adults work with the child, have loving relationships, and explore the world together in ways that are interesting and fun. [Making the most of childhood: the importance of early years]

Learning happens best when leaders are stretched beyond their current levels of knowledge, skills, thought, and expertise - but that this is done in context. [Leader Development Across Cultures]

Learning happens best when
* all of your senses are engaged, not just hearing and sight, but smell, touch and taste;
* your technology is integrated. It should not be an end in itself, but a tool, which enhances your learning experience;
* you feel safe and secure. Learning is about risk taking. A sense of safety and security encourages you to stretch outside of yourself to achieve your best;
* you actively participate, you are actively engaged in making your own learning happen;
*you're connected to the world. There are levels of connections that you make with other learners, with teachers or "guides," with the school as a whole and with your community;
* you feel a sense of pride about your school and your community.
[Student Design Competition Mentoring Guideline]

Learning happens best when people are actively involved in their own learning; when they can draw on their own experiences; when they can connect thoughts with their feelings. [What is Peace?]

Learning happens best when it involves a continuous and interactive cycle of planning, application, feedback, and reflection, and when it occurs among those who have built strong relationships through mutual respect and trust. [TEACHING PHILOSOPHY]

Learning happens best when it happens for its own sake. (a child's innate desire to learn is a far more powerful motivating force than any external reward - or threat.) [Overview of The Free School]

Learning happens best when we are all working together, (students, teachers, and parents), to develop a rich learning environment spanning home, school, and the greater community [Monarch Alternative Community School]

Learning happens best when experience is involved. [Meet the Teachers - Elizabeth Smolcic]

Learning happens best when students and teachers are excited about what is being learned. [Educational philosophy by John M. Green, my emphasis ]

Learning happens best when you can browse around in a problem space, savoring the shapes, fiddling with the bits and pieces, twiddling the knobs--but always, always, taking your time. [Review of Papert, The Children's Machine]

Learning happens best when student-teacher relationships are based on mutual trust and respect... student, home and school have a common goal, interact positively and are mutually supportive. [Our Beliefs about Teaching and Learning]

Learning happens best when in "wholes" rather than in disjointed, decontextualized parts; learners perceive and participate in authentic uses of what is being learned; we value and take advantage of the social nature of learning; learners have control over what, when, and how they learn; earners have opportunity to reflect on their learning. [I Hate This Book Now: Re-imagining the Role of Packets in Teaching Reading and Writing ]

Learning happens best when when we act, and reflect on our actions before we act again. [Leadership Qualities]

Learning happens best when people first feel confident that they can do what they’re being asked to do and can trust that they will have the resources needed to do it. [Employees Remember Informal Learning Best]

Learning happens best when people participate in different communities to practice. The best collaboration environments provide the opportunity to meet, share ideas, discuss, and learn from one another’s experiences. [The York University Landscape Plan]

Learning happens best when individuals are provided with hands-on experiences that encourage observing, questioning, and problem solving. [Spectrum School]

Learning happens best when we are personally motivated and mentally challenged. [Where Are Young People Really Learning? ]

Learning happens best when when it is fun. [Course Philosophy of EDU 314: Teaching with Computers in Elementary and Secondary Schools, State University of New York College at Cortland]

Learning happens best when it is initiated by the learner. [The Concept of Unschooling]

Learning happens best when it is directly related to a person's life, goals and interests. [Course Objectives of EST 426/ ENS 626: Concepts of Sustainable Development, Suny-ESF]

Learning happens best when children are actively engaged with the world around them. [Bllingham Cooperative School]

Learning happens best when there is cooperation between teacher and student and when the student's own interests and desires are respected. [Ad of seeking a new President, The American College of Sofia, Bulgaria]

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