Monday, 5 June 2006

Transcript of an interview with Google

[OK, I promise this will be my last post today. I have work to do!]

It is not very often you can read the transcript (or description) of an interview for a job with Google. Well, this guy turned down the offer.

google contacted me about a position with the print team. i was well paid and was doing well at the company i was with at the time, but i agreed to interview with google anyway. the head of global print operations was under a lot of pressure due to the lawsuits, etc. yet, he needed headcount. the job was for a permanent position — why else would they go through a grueling 2 days of interviews for a contractor? but when i pressed him on salary and asked him to match what i was making and i anchored at an amount, he buckled and made it contractual instead. he waffled, so i said no thanks.

So go and read the post.

Here is a comment which I think is important:
All nitpicking aside, the Google interview process can be painful. I was approached by Google for work internationally, and went through a 12 person interview process. All the feedback I got was very positive (inside source), and the final stage of the interview process was with a very high level person in the company. She determined (probably fairly accurately) that I didn’t have the experience they needed for that particular position. End of interview process.

What is the reason for all these 11 interviews if only the last one matter? It is a waste of time! Is it really so important to have that many interviews?

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