Thursday, 15 June 2006

Guinness: World's Largest Photo

from Wired News:

On Wednesday, the six photographers with the nonprofit Legacy Project unveiled their massive camera at a news conference. They hope to have a photograph completed by July 8.

The reason that this is announced in a news conference is:
  • The massive camera refers here is a decommissioned Marine Corps hangar, and

  • The photograph is a 31-by-111-foot black and white photograph on a piece of white fabric.

  • By the way, Guinness World Records has created two new categories for the project -- world's largest camera and world's largest photograph -- and will certify the records once the photo is complete.

    Well, using a large room (or a hanger) as a pinhole camera is NOT new. Back in April, I reported about a teacher in Hong Kong converting her classroom into a pin-hole camera.

    Education leads in innovation! Hurray!

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