Thursday, 1 June 2006

SCORM - production to delivery

Sasha Philippov from sent me an invitation to test out their DocBook to SCORM converter.

I don't have any docBook format course at hand, so I won't be able to test it out.

Although I am the first member of the choir announcing the death of learning objects, I still think that different tool serves different purpose. SCORM packaged courses support different LMS as long as the LMS is SCORM-compliant. That's a good point.

To create a SCORM course, you can use DreamWeaver extensions, or use RELOAD

For those who cannot afford to run a SCORM-compliant LMS, you can use my SCORM courseplayer which is available at While courseplayer is not open source, but you are free to use. Courseplayer will enable you to put your SCORM course on a CD or use a simple webserver to host your course.

ps For the additional features supported by Courseplayer, see my SCORM paper site.

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