Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Some pointers to continue the role playing

The last post Letter to the Parents ... conversation continues continues the role playing started by David Warlick at 2 Cents Worth. I believe it is a worthwhile game to continue and I invite you to join. (This is role playing and there will be no winner nor loser, but I think everyone will enjoy this very much.)

Think in the shoe of the president of the Parent Associations, as an officer in the District, as teachers of the school, how would you respond? What can you suggest? What are the paths available under the current situation to advance your agenda (every one has a public agenda and a private agenda.) Push your agenda and hopefully we can find a way out of this mess.

Please monitor mine, David Warlick's and David Jakes' blogs. If you like to join this role playing, please leave a comment and provide us with a pointer. BTW, David Warlick and David Jakes, would you like to continue the role playing? I hope you will.

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