Thursday, 2 February 2006

Angry parent hits back to the new principal

Hi sir,

Damn you cunning fox. Me read Mr Warlick say that good marks don't cut it. He say that you school fail me kids even me kids have good scores - me believe him.

Me wife, when young, want to be a typist. She spend money learn to type and have a job for a few years. Now, no one is hiring typist. World changes, man! Even poor guy like me know. You, highly learn man must know that. Don't bull shit to me poor people. Help me kids. Please, me beg you.

Mr. Jakes is rich, rich man! He kids have everything. Me poor. That's why me have me kids in you school. Me dunno computer. Me no computer at home. What me kid will do in future? Me poor, but me donna want me kids poor. Please help them. Please.

Father of John in Grade 11

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