Sunday, 26 February 2006


This reminds me of an email game "Half Life" designed by Thiagi. This particular blogger limits himself to 99 words post + one word title.

Here is the 99 words titled Eleven:

Nine and eleven dance together. One divided by nine is .111111, repeating forever. One divided by 11 is .090909, also endless. They are yin and yang. Combined, they zip up, never fully resolving even as they are uniting. They are infinitely almost complete, just like us people.

The difference between them is not two, but one. Looking at .111111, you hear it chanting "One too many, one too many," while .090909 whispers "Just one more, just one more." They both yearn to be ten.

While many find themselves at sixes and sevens, I find myself at nines and elevens.

Lots of other gems in 99words

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