Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Which direction should the screens face in a computer classroom

Today, I was talking to Dr Ki Wing Wah, a good friend from Hong Kong University. We touched upon the monitoring issues of students working in a classroom with computers. As a teacher, we cannot deny the duty of care including the kind of websites the students are accessing. In Hong Kong, many such classrooms have the computer placed in rows with students sitting facing the teacher. Effectively, there is no way the teacher can see what is happening on those screens.

Ki mentioned that he has seen a teacher who arranged the students' computer screen to face the teacher. When the teacher is talking, all the students will turn around to face him. Hence no one will be using any computer. When working alone, students will face the screens with backs towards the teacher. The teacher can effectively see all the screen activities and provide necessary assistance.

A simple change in screen orientation, a great improvement in classroom management!

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