Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Australian Copyright law gone too far

According to Lisa Murray in Soon recordings will be a crime

HUNDREDS of U2 fans used their mobile phones to record Bono belting out their favourite songs at Sydney's Telstra Stadium over three concerts ending last night. Little did they know that under planned changes to copyright laws, they would be committing a criminal offence, attracting a maximum fine of $6600.

From the Channel 7 morning program Sun Rise, I learnt that Bono actually asked the fans during the concert to hold up their phones and asked to pleach their support to the "Stop World Poverty" by texting a number. All the received SMS messages were displayed on the big screen and each sender also recieved a thankyou SMS from Bono.

Good artists and reasonable rational people will embrace the technology and come up with creative ways of tapping such a wonder. Whose think of all these stupid laws to ban Australian to use the device?

Australia is definitely lossing its position as a creative nation - the boardband speed is a disgrace (according to News Ltd Chairman), the copyright law sends us back to the pre-Internet age, reluctant to join the Kyoto Protocol ignoring the climate change, investing in long term storage of CO2 gases, introduce nuclear power plant instead of utilising solar energy.... Plus the cut to high-education funding when the Howard Government first came into power. The future of Australia is bad unless some dramatic change in policies take place after the next Federal election!

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