Friday, 17 November 2006

11 tips for managing a good blog entry

Vincent Maher listed 11 tips which Stephen Downes disputed each and every one of the 11 tips. Sally Falkow joined by pointing another 10 guidelines from Phil Lesly.

I started blogging because Stephen Downe's OLDaily.

However, everyone blogs with different reasons and motivations. To me, my blog is more like a journal documenting my "random walk" in the sphere of "Learning". Care to join me, welcome. I am equally happy to walk my own way.

I like to walk this journey with a friend who meet in the cross road. If we happen to walk in the same direction, I will enjoy a chat or two with you. If you have to leave, I will happily say goodbye and wish you all the luck.

When I stop and sing and shout and day dream and blog, I like to have an audience to share, but I will still blog even if nobody is reading this. Sometimes I try to sing and shout and day dream and blog with an imaginary audience. Sometimes I just enjoy doing this for myself.

I put Google Adsense around my blog. I like to make money out of this. But the money that really come in won't buy me the coffee I need to keep awake in order to write this post.

My blog(s) are the externalised manifestations of my inner world; part of my inner worldview, never my complete worldview which actually is changing all the time. But I don't delete my blog in big chunks, because it is my journey.

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