Wednesday, 23 August 2006


Issue 59 of escapist is about the use of games in education.

I won't have time to read through the articles. However, I hate to delay your reading. So go ahead, it should be good reading and let me know your opinions.

Here are the highlight from the email notice:

Shawn Williams's "Learning The Gaming Way": describes how he and his wife learned to live with her multiple sclerosis, helped, in large part, by a video game in "Learning The Gaming Way."

Chris Dahlen's "Playing to the Test": explores the nature of educational games, and how they may be just what the educational system needs.

Tim Stevens's "Even Better Than the Real Thing": how playing racing sims translate to real racing victory.

Shannon Drake's "Piano Wizards": talks to the man responsible for the game that just may make learning music fun in "Piano Wizards."

Dan Dormer's "Anne Died Of Dysentery": takes on one the very first educational games, *Oregon Trail*

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