Saturday, 6 May 2006

Minnesota - bottom in tech; tops in education?

by Doug Johnson

Here are the points I agree with Doug:

  • technology use has NEVER been about increasing test scores

  • It's not about who has the most tech toys winning; it's about who has the best prepared students.

  • I have emphasis lately that technology is a tool. It is the way of using the tool that determines success, not the tool itself.

    If education means the ability to get more information, those with better information technology and better bandwidth will win. BUT, it is not about the quantity of information you can put your hand on, it is about UNDERSTANDING the information and being able to use the information to solve real problems. Having more information may help. But having information is far from a sufficient condition of being able to solve a problem.

    Learning, or education, is about preparing students to participate in meaningful life in the society. It is NOT about standardised test scores!

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