Friday, 13 January 2006

Game As Critic As Art

via Clickable Culture

For those like me who cannot read any Spanish, there is an abridged English translation to the essay accompanying the event:

  • Part 1: Reverse-engineering; the reward of defeat; new systems of social justice.
  • Part 2: Simulated violence to denounce real violence.
  • Part 3: Educating with games. Against the simplification proposed by the game industry.
  • Part 4: Case-study of two proposals.
  • Part 5: Recommendations, diffusion, investigation.

The essay listed many games designed to convey a social message. While a number of these games are not in English, but the translation still gives you an idea of what that is about. In particular, please make sure you read Part 4
videogames are a great medium to convey political and social messages because they can relate between themselves hundreds of variables in the same time. It doesn't mean that games can model perfectly a society, but at least, they can help players get a better understanding of complex situations.

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