Monday, 23 January 2006

Crash course in learning theory

You are really passionate about helping people learn, right? If not, you are probably reading the wrong blog. Are you feeling that the information passing model of elearning sucks? Want to get the best advice? Read on.

Kathy Sierra from The Creating Passionate Users has written a wonderful Crash course in learning theory. Since she also provided a summary pdf, so let's put her theory into practice.

OK, now print out the first seven pages from this summary pdf. Yes, I know I have been advocating paper-less office, so only the first 7 pages, NOT the whole pdf.

With a pencil in your writing hand (mine is the right hand, what's yours?) and the print-out in front of you, go to Crash course in learning theory and start reading, taking notes as you work thought the post.

Go, read it and come back afterwards. Press that [back] button, ok?

Welcome back, now check your hand written notes. What? You have not got any written notes? Go back, try again.

Welcome back again. OK, compare your hand written notes with the last two pages of the summary pdf. How do you score? Laminate your notes and hang them up in front of you. Read daily!

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