Saturday, 3 December 2005

When Teachers/Technies Don't Get It

Here is an interesting debate between the teachers and techies.

When Teachers Don't Get It: Myths, Misconceptions, and other Taradiddle and a reply from Blue Skunk Blog: When Techies Don’t Get It.

I am a teacher by nature and a techie by need. Hence I understand the argument and frustration from both ends. As a techie, I want my all wonderful, interesting, engaging software to be used by every possible classroom. As a teacher, I am juggling with time to cover all the things need to be covered, my personal time is already fully occupied by the marking, preparation and constant personal interactions with my students (on every level thinkable). So here is my check-list of software which may be incorporated into any classroom.

  1. Near-zero preparation time. [Fablusi failed miserably in this item.] Unless it requires no exact time for a teacher to prepare a lesson using that particular software, it will not be used en mass in classrooms.

  2. Must not increase the workload of teacher.

  3. Must be used in groups and with flexible group size, just in case the number of machines in the classroom or lab changes unexpectedly.

  4. Zero training required in using the software. The focus is not technology skill in most classroom. There are other things which are more important in the mind of the teachers.

  5. Engaging and appropriate to the students. Come on, give the teacher some relief so that s/he can work with other kid who needs special help.

  6. Build in assessment.

  7. other bells and whistles which no teacher cares.

  8. Clear learning outcome.

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