Saturday, 9 April 2005

Cool tools

I reported about GreaseMonkey in my Asynchronous Collaborative Learning Activities blog on Monday. I am continuing to discover the wonderful cool tools that are developed around GreaseMonkey.

Persistent Searches to Gmail

Persistent searches (a.k.a. smart folders or saved searches) seem to be the feature du jour of email clients. Thunderbird has them, Evolution has them, and soon will. On the other hand, Gmail is the web mail app to use. While one doesn't normally think of web apps as having such advanced power user features, it recently occurred to me that it should be possible to add persistent searches to Gmail

Scholar Monitor
lets you keep track of authors, research groups or topics [within Google Scholar]

Shared whiteboard in JavaScript
Draw and chat with your friends

Good things will certainly keep coming. You will need to install GreaseMonkey and use Firefox to have all the goodies.

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