Friday, 1 April 2005

Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards

Do you think I will enter DLS or Fablusi for the "Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards"? Yes, you are right. I won't.

I got an email from Brandon Hall today inviting Digital Learning Systems to enter the awards.

I felt a bit strange. Unless you really know all the relationships of the companies that I am involved, no one would have suggested DLS instead of some others, e.g. the most visible Fablusi among the lot. AND I did not get an invitation for submitting Fablusi.

I followed the suggested link and ended on a page from Brandon Hall for entry. More strikingly, I also note that there is an entry fee of US$495.

If this is a true recognition of excellence for something, I don't think there should be a fee for entry. It looks more like a scam to me! I suspect anyone paying that US$495 would get the hope of being the winner when it is announced in

"Training Fall Conference and Expo Incorporating Online Learning in Long Beach, Calif. Winners will also be listed on our Web site.

It sounds like an local advertisement for Lotto!

OK, US$495 is a small advertisement fee for the business.

I have set down, in the editorial policy of the new e-Learning Magazine, something along this line: "product brochure is product brochure. It is better to be handled by our advertisement department. Do not send to the editors. It will go to the rubbish bin immediately!"

So you may understand why I write this post and make my decision not to enter for the award. However, Fablusi does deserve some recognition!

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Harold Jarche said...

It seems that B-H is very good at marketing B-H.