Wednesday, 9 March 2005

Effective corporate e Learning

Anol Bhattacharya, author of SoulSoup, has posted some good guidelines on elearning for the corporate world. While Harold Jarche found resonance with the first point "The business world is not about learning, it’s about doing business". I found the fourth point being a topic I have been looking at repeatedly.

4. It’s not about Technology - it’s about effectiveness and culture
During the first era of e Learning, we made an egregious mistake of treating e Learning in the same way as CRM, ERP or any other enterprise technology. We forgot that e Learning is about LEARNING and not about the ‘e’. It is about learning to be more effective in today’s complex knowledge economy - an ecosystem that is continuously changing and evolving. Learning is not a system, which can be installed be done with.

[my emphasis]

It is not useful (if not wrong) to focus on the technology instead of the learning. It is also not correct to assume that by using one tool (or a particular technology) will automatically qualify you to be an elearning promotor of one particular pedagogical inclination. I agree with Anol with the speed of change in the environment we are in. It is almost like there is no more room for a prescription which will work more than once. As Marie Jasinski always says: Improvise!

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