Sunday, 20 March 2005

E-learning, What are we talking about?

Just like the term "learning object", I believe we can start a debate on what is "e-learning" and will never end with an overwhelmingly acceptable conclusion.

Are we talking about the use of learning technology (information & communication technologies in particular) in formal education? Are we talking about building innovative companies, supporting the growth of the bottom-line of these companies? Are we talking about the informal, life-long growth of a personal nature, taking any direction an individual desire?

Sure, these are all "learning". Sure, information and communication technology are being used, to varying degrees.

Some thinkers emphasis the "information" part of ICT. Communication is the "delivery" of information.

Others advocate the "communication" part of ICT. It seems that by providing a group with some social software, learning will happen magically.

Some see ICT as an agent of change. They want to push some other agendas along the way.

Other feel the changes introduced by ICT being fundamental. They are struggling to look into the future and figure out what the new future will be.

I AM CONFUSED. Can some wise soul enlighten me?

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