Thursday, 11 November 2004

Gotcha in Upgrading to Firefox 1.0

I have upgraded my Firefox pre-release 1.0 to Firefox 1.0. Guess what, some of the extensions I have been dependent upon disappeared, sort of.

The first is the spelling checker. I was shocked after I wrote this piece and right click. No more spelling check! Luckily, it was easily resolved by going to and do a reinstallation.

The spiderzilla, a website download tool, is gone as well. Again, a reinstallation from solved the problem.

Sage, RSS reader and aggregation is also gone. ditto at

The web developer tools were are intact! Good news for this one including the Javascript debugger.

So, when you upgrade your Firefox, be prepared for some work to get the extensions you have become used to.

1 comment:

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