Thursday, 22 December 2011

China tops U.S, Japan to become top patent filer

China as an emerging economy, her pace of progress is accelerating.

Economy develops, first by imitation. R&D is Repeat and Duplicate. Until one can do what others can do, there is no way to join the innovation bandwagon. Once one has mastered all the techniques, innovation can start.

After 30 years of importing technology, China is now poised to create her own. The story of high speed rail may shed a light of what is her strategy.

The Chinese high speed rail project started with co-operation with foreign high speed rail manufacturers in stages. At every stage, the foreign company was required to build the parts in China with an appointed factory. This same factory, after co-operation with 6 different foreign manufacturers, "digested" all the foreign technology and started to create her own intellectual properties. Now China is bidding to provide high speed rail to USA. While not the fastest, China has the largest high speed rail network. The only commercially operated Maglev is in Shanghai, China

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