Monday, 23 March 2009

Power corrupts

Today's 4corners on Australian ABC is about a former Federal Court Judge Marcus Einfeld who were sent to jail because of lying about a $77 speeding ticket. It seems that Marcus had a habit of lying about the drivers of his car when caught in traffic infringements.

It is amazing to contemplate how people, a judge in this case, would lie and thus committed crimes just to get out of some relatively small matter. I have met a number of nice people who changed into very nasty selfish person when put in a position of power. What corrupts people? Power? Position?

Whatever the reason, checks and balances must be in place to ensure a fair society.

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Sid said...

I think it comes down to self-perception in the end... power, money, positions will have varying effects on people. If we don't let it get to our heads and stay humble, i.e. avoid the perception of self-importance, we can avoid corruption.