Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Ripples' Model

By Phil Race

I think these four 2-part questions that Phil has asked a lot of people are very inspiring. To get the most out of it, please type in your answer in the input boxes below (they will not be sent anywhere, just there to give you a place to jot down your answers.) You can then see the answers from most people by highlighting the blank space between the questions.

1. Think of something that you're good at, something that you know you do well.
How did you become good at it? Write a few words below.

trial and error
having a go

2. Think of something about yourself that you feel good about.
How you can tell that you feel good about this? What's your evidence to support this feeling? Write a few words below.

other people's reactions
gaining confidence
seeing the results

3. Think of something that you're not good at, perhaps as a result of a bad learning experience.
What went wrong, and whose (if anyone's) fault it may have been? Write a few words below.

did not really want to learn it
could not see the point
bad teaching
could not make sense of it

4. Think of something that you did learn successfully, but at the time you didn¡¦t want to learn it.
What kept you going, so that you did indeed succeed in learning it? Write a few words below.

strong support and encouragement
did not want to be seen not able to do it
needed to do it for what I wanted next

How are you doing? What is/are the messange(s) in these four questions? Get the rest from the powerpoint linked to this post's title.

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