Tuesday, 15 April 2008

How will you spend 3 Tillion dollars?

This website gives you a chance to spend that much money.

I assume I were a US citizen and tried to do the following:

$2.5T Make poverty History


$952.1B (universal health care for every American - 300M people)
$420B to overhaul of the nation’s energy infrastructure to switch it to solar
$100B (%5B per year for 20 years) to teach every man, woman and child on the planet to read
$10B Increase sustainable Organic Produce in the US
$3M for Non-Violent Leadership Training for 10 Million Leaders (10 years)
$3M [The last item is too cheap! Add a similar amount to donate to UN for them to spend]

Well it is too hard to spend 3 Tillion dollars.

What will you do?


Downes said...

You forgot to invade Iraq. That's why you had all that money left over.

Administrator: Albert Ip said...

But is Invading Iraq better than all these I can spend on? I believe the American don't think like me! Either I am insane or they are!