Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Collaboration and its fractal

(1) We usually think of collaboration as students group together to solve, collaborative, a problem. I can visualize this as a problem (or course) as at the centre with students working around it.

(2) When we are faced with a problem, we would try to find information related to the problem in order to find a solution. It is an inverse of the visualization above. A student is at the centre with different information surrounding him/her to solve a his/her problem.

(3) However, it is important to note that the simplistic visualization of (1) is inaccurate because each student in (1) also brings in a lot of information. So each student should be a visualization similar to (2).

The simplistic visualization of (2) is also inaccurate because each piece of information was a problem because and has been solved collaborative by a group of people. Hence each information in (2) should be replaced by (3).

Collaboration is a fractal recursion of information/problem/solution with people.

Do you agree?

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