Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Slowdown of Activity in Australia

Thank you to Stephen Downes for mentioning that I have not been writing a lot lately. Please be reassured that I am not leaving e-learning. Starting a new magazine, keeping up the development work of Fablusi and all the other things I have been doing really is not easy. So Random Walk in E-learning took a random walk.

I am now at University of Wollongong working on an existing project. During discussion, Christine Brown mentioned about how important rewards are. I recalled one of my teachers when I was in secondary school.

At that time, Mr. Chow has already retired. He came back to teach only because he loved the job and loved the kids. He taught us Biology. Here is one of the "unique" things that is still very vivid in my memory.

We used to have tests. Whoever has the highest score was entitled to a special treat. Very special indeed. The highest scorer has the right to take off his cap and stroke his bold head three times and three times only.

Thinking back, it was nothing special about stroking an old man's bold head. But that was the "currency" at the time. We worked so hard just to have that three seconds of honour.

Once, a naughty boy took off his hat suddenly and touched his head. Ohhh! That was a terminal crime. He got so angry that nobody would dare to try again. However, if you got the highest score, you still could do that and he was smiling and was enjoying the touch as well.

I don't and did not know how that currency was started. But it was just such a memorable experience that I was telling Christine all about this yesterday and I felt I was back at my teenage.

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