Saturday, 11 June 2005

eLearning Magazine

The eLearning Magazine will be sent to the printer in about 2 weeks and should be available by the end of June. For those who like to subscribe, please visit the web site's subscription page to take advantage of the pre-publication special rate. The payment is handled via Paypal. Please note the difference in rate for Australia and the rest of the world. This is due to the cost of postage.

For the advertisers, if you can support us, please take advantage of the current 30% discount off the rate. We desperately need your support. Please contact our sales representative, Sandy Warren. Her email address is sandy dot warren at elearningmagazine dot com. We shall scale down the distribution and the size of the volume for the first issue. The tentative table of content is at the end of the post.

We have adopted a modified license for all the articles. All articles will be available on the web under a restricted creative common license two months (or when the next issue is published whichever is earlier) after the publication. The online version will be supported by context sensitive advertisement or sponsorship.

Table of Content of the first issue of eLearning magazine

What is the Future of e-learning?

Feature Articles
Web-based Search and Resource
Taxonomy or Folksonomy?
Access For All: Adaptability of Digital Resources and Services

CEO of HarvestRoad – an Australian Success Story

eLearning Business Review
Don't Waste your Talent, One Resignation at a Time

Standards Circle
Dummy Guide to Metadata
Who is doing what in Metadata?

In & Between
Edublogs are go!

What is Learning?

News and Conferences
Glossary Part 1 of 3
eLearning Rant

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rlubensky said...

Albert, just wanted to wish you the best of success with your new magazine! Certainly your editorial insight should be welcomed by CEOs and L&D Mgrs obfuscated by suppliers.