Monday, 2 May 2005

Chain Letters from the Boss

I have written a post about a typical corporate scenario in my Corporate e-learning blog.

I am at a loss as to how to handle the onslaught of junk email that is routinely sent internally throughout my company by fellow employees including the executive staff and mostly the CFO, my boss.

This morning I received yet another "John 3:16, Jesus Loves You, forward this to ten people" chain letter email with the animated graphics and all that crap.

I think I have a better solution:
From a corporate learning point of view, is there a lesson that we can learn? If there is any HR people reading my post, you should think about the consequence this may have.

Any better solution? I think there is at least one. I will reveal that tomorrow.

Visit Corporate e-learning blog tomorrow to find out. Meanwhile, what do you think?

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