Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Finally!, an appropriate educational use for PowerPoint


As an agent of change, the example cited is

Seventh and eighth graders teaching their teacher how to improve presentations using PowerPoint gives me hope that there is an appropriate use of PowerPoint after all.

Powerpoint is still Powerpoint is still Powerpoint. However, using it as a content so that teachers can learn from their students is a noble way of bridging the gap and accelerating the notion that teachers are NOT authoritive sources of information, but agents to help other learn.

This is a difficult mentality to overcome. I hope this is the example of many to come.

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John Martin said...

For improvement and easier distribution of elearnning PowerPoint presentations teachers can use a tool which allows adding external video and audio objects and narrations to PowerPoint presentations and convert them to Flash format. I use a tool called FlashSpring Pro . Also there is a free version called FlashSpring Lite which produces good Flash clips without animations and sound.