Friday, 9 December 2005

Dragon Quest

I don't what Dragon Quest (DraQue) is until I read this:

The 1988 release of Dragon Quest III embodied the effect that the series has on Japanese gamers. Lines for the game were hopelessly long, stretching around city blocks and inciting less-than-polite behavior from eager gamers, many of whom had skipped work or school to purchase the game.

Wow! So it is pretty old by now. What is it? It is a traditional Role Play Game where monsters battle against each other based on different skill points accumulated during the game (different from Fablusi's role play simulation!)

Now, teacher beware and watch out for some special pencils (Battle Pencils). This may arrive in Western world one day.

The Revecess Blog explains:

Much like Pokemon is short for Pocket Mosters, Batoen is short for Battle Pencils... just the word for pencil in Japanese is enpitsu. It's a simple idea. Take pencils, write stuff on each of the sides, so that the pencil becomes a sort of 8-sided die. You roll the pencil and the pencil, which represents a monster from Dragon Quest, does something, like damage or healing of hp, or other interesting effects (One kid had some hot chick monster, it's effect was, "Moster kisses everyone, they are made happy", more detailed rules after the cut).

It looks like there are 37 sets of 4 of these pencils. So parent beware too when your child suddenly wants to buy a lot of pencils. At the moment, these pencils have the instructions in Japanese. I think someone will be working on making a translation on it soon.

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