Tuesday, 16 November 2004

On the Edge with Albert

Albert = unpredictable! Ten minutes ago I was chatting on IM with Albert. Then he said " I want you to post in my blog." I thought it was because I was putting him under the pump to fix some bugs in the latest version of Fablusi and he didn't have time. "Now worries" I said thinking I'd do a post on his behalf and that would be the end of it. And here I am. But not as I expected! That's the essence of Albert. Fire! Aim! Ready! I've worked with Albert since 2001 when I first discovered collaborative role play simulations. I remember the very moment when I knew we'd work well together. We were in a group having dinner and talking about all the exotic food we'd eaten - sea urchins, emu, deep fried crickets - that sort of thing. Then Albert pipes up: "I eat anything with four legs except table and chairs!" YES! RESONANCE! That sealed it for me.

At the moment we are dealing with a potential disaster. We've had a bad day at the office. We overheard Heath the Business Consultant whisper to a colleague: I'm telling you mate, there's too many women in suits around here with their precious EEO this and sexual harassment that... whatever happened to just having a good laugh??

Wayne the Business Development Manager noticed the Staff Room fridge needed cleaning:
This fridge needs a good clean out. Must get one of the girls onto it.

Verity was not impressed: Guys - I've just left some rubber gloves and gumption on your desks - all's fair in equity and of course, as you know, we promote equity for all at Bencon.

Actually, what's really happening is that we are in Day 2 of "BBQ at Bencon" a role play simulation on sexual harassment in the workplace. Sixteen intrepid volunteers are doing a demonstration role play for the Virtual Organizational Development Online Conference which started today. Participants can observe the play or shadow a role and get a player's eye view of the action. We're having an engaging experience wondering what will emerge next. This is the launch of Version 2 of Fablusi, a role play simulation generator that Albert and our colleague Roni Linser have been re-developing for over 12 months. It's exciting! We're on the edge! And thriving!

And here's my presentation that goes with it!

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